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Connie Ierullo

Connie Ierullo is the director and co-owner of The Pilates Body, a studio born from her passion for helping others achieve fitness milestones and her love for movement education. After graduating from York University's Dance program, she seamlessly transitioned into becoming a STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor under Moira Merrithew's mentorship. Since 1997, Connie has been a leader, training instructors from Canada, the United States, Australia, and Brazil.

In 2000, Connie, joined by her husband Bruno Ierullo, established Mississauga's first fully equipped Pilates studio. Recognized as a STOTT PILATES LICENSED TRAINING CENTRE, The Pilates Body attracts clients and certification students worldwide. Connie's dedication extends beyond certifications.  She regularly participates in workshops covering Pilates, movement education, anatomy and fitness. 

In 2017, Connie achieved a significant milestone by graduating from the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy as an Osteopathic Manual Therapist, further reinforcing her commitment to providing comprehensive health and wellness solutions at The Pilates Body Studio.


Caleigh Kierstead

Caleigh Kierstead is a Fully Certified STOTT PILATES Instructor and STOTT PILATES Instructor Trainer.


A former professional ballet dancer she was originally introduced to Pilates as a complement to her dance training while studying at Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre School. At first, she wasn't a fan, but as she swiftly witnessed positive changes in both her dancing and daily life, her perspective shifted. It didn't take long for her to fall in love with Pilates! 

In September 2014, she began her journey to become a STOTT PILATES Instructor right here at the Pilates Body Studio with Connie and Danyelle. Her continuous drive to expand her knowledge of Pilates led her to achieve certification as a STOTT PILATES Instructor Trainer. Caleigh's innate curiosity has lead to pursuing further education in anatomy and physiology at The Canadian Academy of Osteopathy.

Caleigh is thrilled to continue at the studio where her teaching journey began and is eager to share her knowledge and love of Pilates with you.


Jayne Gildner

Following a successful management career in the investment brokerage industry, Jayne transitioned to explore her other passions.


It was during her rehabilitation from an equestrian accident that she discovered the transformative benefits of Pilates. Convinced of its potential to enhance the well-being of individuals, Jayne decided to embark on this new path. In 2017 she became a STOTT PILATES certified instructor, solidifying her commitment to sharing the advantages of Pilates with others.

In her ongoing professional development, she has expanded her expertise through additional STOTT PILATES courses including injuries and special populations, prenatal Pilates, golf conditioning and the cadillac, chair, and barrel equipment.

Jayne's primary goal is to help individuals feel better and lead active, healthy lives. She challenges her students, introduces new elements, and aims to achieve Joseph Pilates' vision: the complete coordination of body, mind, and spirit.


Julia Reid

Julia Reid blends her rich ballet background with comprehensive Pilates training, offering a unique perspective to her students.


A graduate of Canada's National Ballet School and a former professional dancer in Germany, Julia's transition to Pilates was driven by a personal injury recovery journey.

Now a fully certified STOTT PILATES instructor, she is celebrated for her meticulous teaching style and ability to inspire through movement, making her classes a harmonious blend of discipline and passion.

Outside the realm of dance and Pilates, Julia Reid is deeply passionate about animals. This love for animals not only enriches Julia's personal life but also reflects her broader dedication to fostering well-being in all aspects of life.


Linda Kaip

Linda is energetic, loves to move and loves to get her clients moving in a safe and healthy fashion.


Throughout her career Linda has taught a variety of group fitness modalities such as Aqua Fitness, Group Conditioning, Spinning, Yoga, Barre fitness, and Older Adults classes. Linda’s current passions are Yoga and Pilates. She loves the  intelligence and vast variety of Pilates and has found significant positive impacts on her own health, as well as that of clients.


Linda is a certified STOTT PILATES instructor with training in Matwork, Reformer, Cadillac, Stability Chair, Barrels, Injuries & Special 
Populations and Barre.

Linda continues to be a student of movement and Pilates, always expanding her experience and


Chiara Ierullo

Dive into the world of Pilates with Chiara, an instructor whose life has been intertwined with this transformative practice since childhood. Growing up surrounded by Pilates, Chiara developed a profound appreciation for its benefits. Now, as an instructor, she brings a precise and encouraging touch to each class, propelling her clients toward tangible goals and undeniable transformations.

Chiara's connection to movement traces back to her early years in dance. Rooted in artistic exploration, she continued to flourish at Cawthra Park in the Regional Arts Program. This early exposure to the arts laid the foundation for Chiara's creative spirit.

Taking her interest to the next level, Chiara pursued studies at TMU, specializing in the Creative Industries program.  Adding STOTT PILATES Training to her diverse studies further fortified her understanding of the intricate connection between creativity and wellness. With a discerning eye for detail and a nurturing teaching style, Chiara seamlessly blends her background in the arts with Pilates, creating an enriching and holistic experience for her clients.


Anna Lytvyn

Anna is an encouraging & empathetic wellness professional who is focused on helping clients realize their goals. Pilates has been critical in injury recovery and helped Anna avoid surgery and remain pain free.


It’s this passion for movement which she incorporates into her teaching style. Prior to her training as a Pilates instructor, Anna went from nutritional scientist to business woman, and spent the past decade in the corporate world launching award winning innovation for some of Canada’s most iconic brands - while leading movement classes for her colleagues during lunch breaks!


Anna embraces Pilates for the intrinsic mind and body connection and its ability to balance the body while building strength, flexibility and resilience.


Bruno Ierullo

Meet Bruno, a seasoned guitarist and the co-owner of The Pilates Body Studio for an impressive 23 years! In the studio, Bruno operates like a conductor behind the scenes—unseen yet indispensable. Serving as the studio's living embodiment of Alexa and Siri, Bruno seamlessly navigates inquiries and offers insightful guidance whenever required.

Bruno marvels at the transformative power of Pilates, a sentiment that has only deepened over the years. "It continues to astound me," he reflects, "and it really shouldn't anymore, how Pilates caters to such a diverse clientele. Misconceptions still persist and there's an ongoing need for widespread education, both among the public and professionals, to unveil the true essence of Pilates."


Bruno is your go-to resource for inquiries about group classes, private sessions, and guidance for individuals aspiring to become Pilates teachers.

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