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Group, private & semi-private rates

We stand by the belief that the human body should be primed for action at all times, with fitness rooted in a routine that complements your real-life demands and various activities. Our approach centers on the harmonious combination of resistance training and bodyweight exercises, fostering symmetrical strength across all conditions and ages.

Over the course of 23 years, we've helped countless people have a better quality of life, assisted individuals in their recovery from injuries, groomed athletes for peak performance, and motivated students to drive the ongoing evolution and expansion of the entire industry.

We welcome you to our studio and look forward to meeting you

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Group Rates

Our group classes utilize the Reformer and other equipment. There are a maximum of 7 participants in each class allowing for close supervision and effective workouts.

Single  $33

Five      $150

Ten       $275

Twenty $500

(plus HST)


Private Rates

Private sessions are one-on-one with your instructor and are a great way to work on specific goals.

Single  $100

Five      $465

Ten       $900

Twenty $1740

Intro Session (for new clients) is $75

(plus HST)


Semi-Private Rates

Semi-Private sessions are perfect for friends and couples to workout together.

Single  $60

Five      $252

Ten       $485

Twenty $950

Intro Session (for new clients) is $40

(plus HST)

*please note these are per person rates*


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